, Nerd VPN : Flutter VPN Android Full Application with IAP, Integrated with Backend and Admin Panel, Laravel & ReactJs

, Nerd VPN : Flutter VPN Android Full Application with IAP, Integrated with Backend and Admin Panel, Laravel & ReactJs

Nerd VPN

Provides VPN services for users with free and premium subscription features without register and login,
There is Web admin so you can easily determine which server is targeted to a specific user status.

The application is connected with openvpn configuration, so you can get it from across the internet (I
don’t recommend it) or create it with available services .

Don’t worry if you got any struggles, i will be happy to guide you until your vpn apps running and ready to deploy!

Only supported for android

What you’ll get :

  • Mobile source code
  • Web Admin & API (Laravel)
  • Free (with test ads) & Premium apks
  • Docs

Redesign Service?

If you need help to redisgn the app, you can contact me at nizwar@merahputih.id or nizwar.merahputih@gmail.com

Features :

  • Appbundle build supported
  • In App Purchases (Subscription) without login / register
  • With admin,
  • Admob friendly
  • Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics
  • Appbundle build supported
  • Clean codes
  • Easy to redesign
  • Using provider’s state management

Admin Panel Demo :

IOS Support :
I’m working on IOS Support, i will update the source code after got approved on Appstore.
All you need to know about IOS Support :

  • There is no subscription feature.
  • IOS features will not be same as Android because some reasons (including privacy, apple payment, etc).
  • IOS Project will be seperated with Android, i do this because there is something different between them, and i hope i can merge them into one version soon
  • When its available, i’ll increase the price to $80, so grab it before its too late!


Version 4.0 [Coming Soon]

  • IOS Support
  • Fully Rewrite Instruction and add some Details
  • Animation here… Animation there

Version 3.1

  • Flutter latest version supported
  • Rewrite Instruction
  • Fix Bugs

Version 3.0

  • Admin panel updated (faster to manage)
  • Multilanguage
  • Mobile Server’s Pagination
  • Optimize Admin & Mobile

Version 2.2

  • Whitelist app
  • Admob Safety (Bypassed IP)
  • Private guide
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Version 2.1 [2 Oct 2020]

  • Fix random’s api

Version 2.0 [1 Oct 2020]

  • Make mobile setup super easy
  • Fix API source code
  • Provide admin demo

Version 1.2 [30 Sept 2020]

  • Fix Admin Web BUG
  • Simple setup’s Video Tutorial (LINK inside instructions.doc)
  • Remove apks but you still can access it inside Video instruction’s link

Version 1.0 [29 Sept 2020]

  • First release

Clients app (already ask for permission) :


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